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Organizations For Horizon Village Residents

Horizon Village Co-op, Inc., Village Square Association (VSA) and the Home Owners Association (HOA) are all organizations within Horizon Village. They exist to protect your rights as a manufactured home park shareholder, homeowner or renter/tenant. More importantly, they help you become involved in the many Horizon Village functions.

Horizon Village Co-op,Inc.

The Co-op is a Florida not-for-profit corporation. A nine-member Board of Directors, elected by co-op shareholders, governs the 55+ community.

 The Co-op holds an annual meeting in January and monthly meetings on the fourth Saturday each month.


The Village Square Association, more commonly called the “VSA”, is the sponsor of the social functions of Horizon Village, entertainment, and many other activities. The VSA sponsors all dances, Bingo, dinners, outside entertainment, and many other activities.


The Home Owners Association (HOA) is the official legal body of all Horizon Village homeowners who do not own shares in the Co-op.

2024 Weekly Clubhouse Agenda

  • 8:00am   Garbage Out

  • 8:30am   Strength Training

  • 9:00am   Pool Exercise

  • 9to10am Copy/Shredder Service

  • 9:30am    Shuffleboard

  • 10:00am  Square Dancing

  • 11:00am  Palmetto Pine CC Golf

  • 12:30pm  Duplicate Bridge

  • 1:00pm    Joker's Wild

  • 2:00pm    Cardio Strength Training

  • 6:10pm    Bingo

  • 7:00pm    Pool Room Mixer

  • 8:00am   Garbage Out

  • 9:00am   Pool Exercise

  • 9:30am   Shuffleboard

  • 10:00am       TOPS

  • 1:00pm   Mah Jongg

  • 1:00pm   Bridge

  • 1:00pm   Joker's Wild

  • 1:00pm   Cornhole

  • 3:30pm   Bible Study

  • 6:00pm   Poker

  • 6:30pm   Euchre

  • 8:00am      El Rio Golf

  • 9:00am      Pool Exercise

  • 9:00am      Crafting Connection

  • 9:30am      Shuffleboard

  • 10:00am    7-card Pinochle

  • 11:00am    Chair Volleyball

  • 12:30pm    Hand & Foot

  • 1:00pm      Hand & Foot

  • 2:00pm      Walking Exercise

  • 6:00pm      Bocce Ball

  • 6:30pm      Double Pinochle

  • 7:00pm      Round Dancing    

  • 9:00am      Pool Exercise

  • 9to10am    Copies/Shredder Service

  • 9:30am       Shuffleboard

  • 11:00am     Chair Volleyball

  • 1:30pm       Bid Euchre

  • 6:00pm       Bocce Ball

  • 6:30pm       Texas Hold 'Em

  • 7:00pm       Rummikub

  • 8:30am      Strength Training

  • 9:00am       Pool Exercise

  • 1:00pm        Cribbage

  • 2:00pm        Cardio Strength Training

  • 6:30pm        Single Pinochle

  • 6:30pm        Line Dancing 

  • 9:00am      Pool Exercise

  • 6:00pm      Poker

  • 1:00pm   Omaha Poker

  • 6:15pm    Indoor Shuffleboard1

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